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Keywest Professional Neutralizing Cream | 2-in-1 Formulation | Straightening & Spa | 500ml

Keywest Professional Neutralizing Cream | 2-in-1 Formulation | Straightening & Spa | 500ml

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Keywest Professional Neutralizing Cream – the final touch to flawless straightening. Tailored for salon experts, this extraordinary cream complements Keywest Professional Straightening Cream, offering a harmonious blend of hair straightening and spa-like indulgence.

Enriched with Pro Vitamin B5, it ensures a seamless 2-in-1 experience, delivering the ultimate finishing touch to straighten, nourish, and revitalize curly and resistant hair.

Take your salon services to the next level with Keywest Professional Neutralizing Cream. Elevate the art of hair straightening with a touch of indulgence and expertise that defines the Keywest experience.

Key Benefits:

  • Ultimate Straightening Finish: Seal the deal on straightened perfection with this specialized neutralizing cream, ensuring a long-lasting, impeccable result.
  • 2-in-1 Hair Magic: Provide clients with not just straightened hair but a spa-like pampering, thanks to the dual benefits of straightening and hair spa in one.
  • Pro Vitamin B5 Goodness: Infused with the nourishing power of Pro Vitamin B5, this formulation continues to care for the hair, leaving it healthy and radiant.
  • Ideal for Salon Experts: Tailored for professionals, this neutralizing cream is the key to achieving optimal and consistent straightening results.
  • Balanced Formulation: Our expert blend is crafted to work synergistically with our Straightening Cream, ensuring the ideal pH balance for effective neutralization.


Hydrogen Peroxide, Cetostearyl Alcohol, Ceteareth-25, Panthanol, Sodium Stannate, Perfume and Aqua

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Can I use this product at home?

Before using neutralizing cream at home, it is important to speak with a professional. You risk the danger of breaking your hair or getting unfavorable outcomes if you ignore professional advice. To ensure your safety and the best results for your hair, put your trust in an experienced stylist or technician.

Can I use this product on damaged hair?

Yes the Keywesy Professional’s neutralizing cream is formulated with nourishing ingredients designed to repair damage while providing sleek, straight results. However, we always recommend consulting with a professional hairstylist before use to ensure the best outcome for your hair's unique needs.

Can I use this product on henna-coated hair?

Using neutralizing creams on henna-coated hair is possible, but the results may not be that satisfactory. Henna can affect how well these products work, leading to unpredictable outcomes. It's advisable to consult a professional hairstylist for personalized advice to achieve the desired look effectively.

Does straightening hair cause hair fall?

Straightening hair doesn't directly cause hair fall as the products are applied to the hair, not the scalp. The heat targets only the upper hair layer. However, excessive heat can weaken hair, leading to breakage. Using heat protectants and limiting heat exposure can help minimize any potential damage and maintain hair health.

How many days after straightening can I wash our hair?

After straightening your hair, it's best to wait 2-3 days before washing it. This allows the straightening treatment to set properly and ensures longer-lasting results. Washing too soon can cause the straightening to loosen or become less effective.

Can I straighten my hair using this product?

Yes, The Keywest Professionals Neutralizing Cream not only straightens your hair but also provides a hair spa treatment. It's a convenient solution for achieving straight hair while nourishing and revitalizing your hair at the same time. Enjoy the benefits of smooth, straight hair with added hydration and rejuvenation.