About us

Florida Beauty Labs, a cutting-edge beauty house, revolutionizes the industry by seamlessly connecting experts' innovations to consumers through salons worldwide. Pioneering in hair, skin, and makeup, our education-first ethos empowers beauty professionals with tech-enabled learning, making advanced technology accessible at the grassroots. As an internet-based company, we prioritize delivering the latest trends swiftly through expert consultations, ensuring personalized beauty solutions. Crafted in Florida, the global launchpad of trends and culture, our products are a beacon of inspiration, transforming lives with trendsetting beauty in the sunshine state and beyond.

Keywest Professional:

Keywest Professional, from the house of Florida Beauty Labs, is a global force in professional haircare. Committed to empowering hairstylists worldwide, we take pride in fueling success stories and inspiring the next generation with cutting-edge technology and an education-first ethos. Our 2-in-1 formulation harmonizes beauty and health, embodying our commitment to sustainable beauty practices. What sets us apart is our focus on the unique needs of the Indian demographic, crafting solutions tailored for their diverse preferences. With a blend of innovation, education, and sustainability, Keywest Professional invites you to join us in reshaping the future of professional haircare—where every strand signifies a story of beauty, creativity, and empowerment.

Cocowalk Professional:

Cocowalk Professional, an exquisite offering from Florida Beauty Labs, epitomizes a new era in professional skincare. Born from a commitment to empower skin beauty professionals, Cocowalk seamlessly blends dermatologist-tested solutions with personalized care. Our sustainable beauty philosophy shines through our unique 2-in-1 formulations, harmonizing skin repair and future protection. Like all our products, Cocowalk is meticulously crafted for the diverse needs of the Indian demographic, ideal for professional salon care and at-home use. Endorsed by skin experts and trusted by makeup artists, Cocowalk is more than skincare; it's a commitment to sustainable beauty practices. Join us in a journey where skincare isn't just a routine, but a celebration of health, beauty, and a sustainable tomorrow.