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Cocowalk Professional Gold Facial Kit| 2-in-1 Formulation | Brightening & Repair | Gold & Rosemary Extract

Cocowalk Professional Gold Facial Kit| 2-in-1 Formulation | Brightening & Repair | Gold & Rosemary Extract

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Cocowalk Professional's Gold Facial Kit. This exquisite facial treatment with 2-in-1 benefits of brightening and repair, enriched with the luxurious touch of Gold and the calming essence of Rosemary Extract, is your key to a luminous and protected complexion. Immerse yourself in a transformative experience with 6 carefully curated sachets that elevate your skincare routine to new heights, ensuring a radiant glow and effective sun protection.

Key Benefits:

  • Luminous Glow: Immerse your skin in the radiance of gold, promoting a luminous and youthful complexion
  • Dual Action: This facial kit offers dual benefits of brightening and sun protection, making it a comprehensive solution for radiant and shielded skin.
  • Spa-Like Indulgence: Transform your skincare ritual into a luxurious spa experience with Cocowalk Professional's Gold Facial Kit.
  • For all skin types: This Facial kit is an ideal solution for all skin types to have a flawless and seamless texture with brightening benefits every day.


Gold: Renowned for its anti-aging properties, gold stimulates collagen production, reduces fine lines, and imparts a radiant glow to the skin.
Rosemary Extract: Packed with antioxidants, Rosemary Extract soothes and calms the skin, promoting a healthy and refreshed complexion.

How to use:

Step 1: Gold Deep Gentel Cleaner Wt:10g
Pour out a generous quality of it & gently massage with fingertips making upward & outward Strokes all over the neck and face. Remove with a moist cotton swab.
Step 2: Gold Enzyme Exfoliator Wt:10g
Spread it like does all over the face & neck. Wet fingers and massage gently in an upward circular motion, anticlockwise & Clockwise for 5 minutes. Rinse well.
Step 3: Gold Multi Solutionn Massage Gel Wt: 10g
Massage all over face & neck in an upward circular motion, clockwise & anticlockwise for 15 minutes. Cleanse & give cold compression with water.
Step 4: Gold Soothing Face Pack Wt:10g
Apply Gold Face Pack all over the face and neck. Leave it for 20 minutes. Remove by gently massaging it with wet fingers.
Step 5: Gold Moistusier Wt:10g
After cleaning your face, apply it and gently massage it until it gets absorbed completely.
Step 6: Gold Smooth Shine Skin Serum Wt:10g
Spead 2-4 drops of serum on all the face and neck. leave on (Do not rub). Use every time your skin feels dry & harsh.

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